Manifest elimination of paperwork

Electronic Data Manifest, the newest edition to the Eclipse Imaging Suite from Eclipse, Inc., Shelton, Conn., brings paperless tracking to that critical link between the delivery person and the customer-the delivery signature.

With Electronic Data Manifest, delivery personnel can now carry a complete shipping manifest in the popular and easy-to-use PalmPilot hand-held electronic organizer, improving their ability to obtain and archive customers' approval signatures.

Working with the Eclipse Imaging Suite, users can download all delivery information into the PalmPilot according to previously defined delivery routes. Customers sign for their shipments directly on the PalmPilot window, and the Electronic Data Manifest software stores the signatures for later uploading. The Eclipse Imaging Suite attaches the uploaded signatures to the matching shipping tickets. Tickets can then be displayed with the Eclipse Image Viewer or fax them using the Eclipse Enterprise faxing system. Quick access to related invoices and signatures removes uncertainty from the process of tracing and tracking delivery approval because clerks and customers have ready access to the delivery signature and exact time of delivery.

For more information call 800-9-ECLIPSE or visit the company's Web site at

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