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DISC Corp.’s New Flash Update Points to Sales Decline in 2016 Electrical Wholesaling Industry

When the right mix of key economic indicators line up in the wrong constellation the only outcome is bad news for the electrical industry, according to DISC Corp.’s new Flash Update, which offers subscribers a quick monthly summary on the health of the key economic indicators that shape the electrical wholesaling industry. Herm Isenstein, president of the Orange, Conn.-based firm says for the first time in seven years DISC is projecting total electrical industry sales to decline.

“The head winds are a weak overall economy,” Isenstein says in February’s DISC Flash Update. “GDP grew only fractionally last quarter. Combine this with weak business investment drivers, a strong dollar, sharply declining commodity and oil prices and you have the exact prescription for a downturn in the electrical wholesale industry."

If you are looking for a timely check on the pulse of the electrical market, contact Herm for information on subscriptions to DISC’s monthly Flash Update at [email protected] or (203) 799-3673.


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