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AD Member Sales Rise 12% in First Quarter

May 2, 2018
Electrical sales were up 10% on a same-store basis.

Distributor buying/marketing group AD, Wayne, PA, said its members’ sales, across 12 AD divisions, totaled $9.7 billion in the first quarter (1Q) of 2018. Purchases from AD suppliers grew by 12% in Q1 YTD and distributions to members were also up 12%.

Electrical sales were up 10% on a same-store basis, which trailed distributors in AD’s PHCP division where sales were up 12% and Industrial / PT sales were up 11%, while Building Materials sales were up 4%. By country, same-store sales in the U.S. grew 10%; Canada was up 9% and Mexico grew 10%.

“AD Members across every division in North America experienced record breaking growth,” said Bill Weisberg, AD’s chairman and CEO. “The continued growth of our members is encouraging, especially after our record setting performance in 2017. In Q1 we welcomed many new additions to the AD community: 15 new Members, 17 new Suppliers and 5 new HR and Procurement Service Providers. Additionally AD eCommerce Solutions passed a big milestone; the normalization and attribution of 3 million SKUs.”