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Copper Culture

Aug. 1, 2015
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FutureView 2015

May 1, 2015
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Fads Can Fade

May 1, 2015
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Electrical Wholesaling’s 95th Anniversary Salute

May 1, 2015
A look at some of the questions, ideas, trends and possibilities that matter most in the electrical wholesaling industry.

To celebrate our magazine’s 95th year, Electrical Wholesaling’s editors decided take a multi-pronged approach that reflects on the past, answers questions about some of today’s most pressing concerns, and looks forward to the future.

If you are a regular visitor to, Electrical Wholesaling’s website, you have probably noticed some of the 95th Anniversary Photo Galleries, which honor industry legends and the electrical industry’s greatest inventors, and take a whimsical look at how some sales basics never change.
With tongue firmly in cheek, Executive Editor Doug Chandler builds on that whimsy with a feature article on short-lived industry fads and predictions for the future that never quite panned out. For our look at some of today’s most press concerns and our wish list for the future, we focused on the three questions we get asked most:
  • Who is buying whom?
  • How’s business?
  • Which technologies are for real?

To get a reading on the M&A acquisition climate now and in the future, check out “Eye On Acquisitions,” (page 28), a Q&A with one of the electrical market’s leading experts on acquisitions, Burke Burkhardt, senior managing director, HT Capital, New York. To answer the question, “How’s business?,” we went to the man with all the economic answers, Herm Isenstein, president, DISC Corp., Orange, Conn. Herm is also celebrating a big anniversary this year — the 30th anniversary of DISC’s launch in 1985. In the Q&A “The Numbers Tell Our Story” (page 31), Herm discusses the economic engines that will continue to power the electrical wholesaling industry in the future.  And to wrap things, in “FutureView 2015,” (page 34) we put together a wish list of the 10 technological and marketing advances that could have the most impact on the electrical wholesaling industry down the road. Enjoy!