selling GE WattStation EV charger

As a pretty clear sign that electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) has entered the mainstream, GE Energy, Plainville, Conn., announced a couple of weeks before Christmas that its wall-mounted WattStation EV charging system is now available via The move makes it possible for consumers to buy an EVSE unit on impulse from the comfort of home or the passenger seat of their Fisker Karma, though the promotion mentions nothing about the need for professional installation and electrical service upgrades required to use the WattStation.

“Just in time for the holidays, EV drivers can now buy GE's wall-mounted EV charging station online by simply clicking and buying it on, just like any other product,” GE said in a release announcing the deal. “With the new deal, EV owners can now purchase the fast, easy-to-use Level 2 EV charger anytime, anywhere, from any device. By making it easier than ever for electric vehicle drivers to purchase its state-of-the-art EV charger, GE is helping to lead the creation of the “end-to-end” charging infrastructure needed to electrify transportation in the future.”

The GE WattStation wall mount unit works indoors or out and has a NEMA 3R rating, so it's suitable for exposure to rain, sleet and ice, and comes with built-in fuse protection. The Level 2 designation means the charger delivers a full-cycle charge to a 24 kWh battery in four to eight hours, whereas plugging an EV into a standard electrical outlet would require 12-18 hours to provide the same level of charge.

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