The Spiral office building that broke ground this year is  the latest addition to Hudson Yards, the largest private construction project in the U.S. -- Tishman Speyer /
An Innovative Addition to the Big Apple Skyline

Travels with EW's Jim Lucy

Dec. 4, 2013
Find out where EW Chief Editor Jim Lucy has been traveling over the past month or two.

One of the favorite parts of my job as chief editor of Electrical Wholesaling is getting out in the field and visiting with the magazine's readers and advertisers. This fall  I have visited:

  • The folks at Kansas City's Western Extralite as Tom and John Isenberg celebrated the 75th Anniversary of their family-owned business with a lively trade show.
  • Milbank Manufacturing in North Kansas City, Mo., to check out the launch of some new mobile generators in their MGM line.
  • The National Association of Wholesale-Distributors (NAW) in Washington, D.C., to chat with Ruth Stadius, their communications director.
  • The Electric Association of Pennsylvania's trade show in Valley Forge, Pa.
  • McGraw-Hill's 2014 Construction Forecast in Washington, D.C.
  • And the NAED Eastern Conference in Orlando, Fla.