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GE Wind Biz in Brazil Continues to Grow

GE is introducing a wind turbine designed to meet the wind conditions in Brazil, one of the world's most promising markets for onshore wind energy development. GE recently displayed its new 1.85-82.5 wind turbine at the Brazil Windpower Conference in Rio de Janeiro, August 29-31. The 1.85-82.5 wind turbine, which is IEC-certified for higher wind speed sites or environments, is the latest evolution of GE's wind turbine technology and builds upon the vast and diverse experience of GE's installed fleet of 18,000 wind turbines worldwide. The new turbine offers an 8% increase in annual energy production (AEP) at 9 meters/second, which drives improved project economics for wind developers in higher wind regime sites. GE already has 300 of its turbines installed in the country.

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