Plaza Indonesia Sparkles with 25,000 New GE Lights Saving $373,000 a Year

Plaza Indonesia, a well-known landmark in the heart of Jakarta, Indonesia, has upgraded its lighting systems and replaced existing lights with the latest energy-efficient solutions from GE Lighting. Plaza Indonesia comprises four buildings — the Plaza Office Tower, Plaza Indonesia Shopping Center, Grand Hyatt Hotel Jakarta, and Keraton at the Plaza Private Residences and Luxury Collection Hotel. About 25,000 light points for both exterior and interior environments were replaced with new energy-efficient lights from GE including LED PAR30, LED PAR38, LED GU10 and T5 Starcoat lamps as well as Tetra LED miniMAX, PowerWhite, PowerMAX, Contour and Linear Wall Wash systems.

In The Plaza Office Tower, the existing lights were replaced with GE's T5 Lighting System, which will generate energy savings of 30% to 40% compared to the regular conventional TL T8 systems. For the respective interior environments of the shopping center, residences and hotels, Plaza Indonesia previously used a combination of 50W halogen lamps as well as 35W and 70W metal-halide lamps. Now, Plaza Indonesia has replaced them with GE's LED GU10, LED PAR30 and LED PAR38 lamps, which can achieve significant energy savings. GE's new signage lights have added a new brilliance to the exteriors of Plaza Indonesia, in particular for The Plaza Office Tower and Keraton at the Plaza Private Residences and Luxury Collection Hotel. The use of GE's Tetra LED PowerWhite outdoor signage and Tetra LED Contour systems is a more energy-efficient solution compared to the previous T8 and cold-cathode lights used. With GE Lighting's new lighting solution, Plaza Indonesia will enjoy estimated savings of $373,000 per year on energy and maintenance costs.

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