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Chinese Wind Turbine Manufacturer Installs Primus Power Energy Storage System

April 2, 2018
Wind plus storage provides electric grid operators the ability to time shift power generation to periods of high demand and provides frequency control to ensure a stable grid.

Primus Power, Hayward, CA, a long-duration, stationary-energy storage company, said Etechwin, the microgrid subsidiary of Goldwind, a global wind turbine manufacturer, is operating an EnergyPod 2 at its Beijing campus. 

Primus Power said in a press release that battery energy storage paired with wind turbines unlocks the ability to mitigate rapid wind output changes due to varying wind speeds and helps ensure a stable power output, and controlled ramp up and ramp down of the wind power generation. 

“Policy makers in China are considering a mandate that energy storage be incorporated with all new grid connected wind developments,” says Guoju Zhang, Goldwind’s Product Advanced Research Department Chief. ” In anticipation of this mandate, we have installed, commissioned and are operating a Primus EnergyPod 2 system at our facility. With the help of the Primus team, we look forward to proving out the value of battery energy storage paired with our wind turbines.”

Primus Power is a California-headquartered provider of low-cost, long-life, and safe long-duration energy storage systems. The company’s flow batteries are shipping to U.S. and international commercial/industrial, data center, microgrid, utility, and military customers.  The company has its innovations protected by 49 patents in 12 countries.