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Energy Focus Awarded $3.4M LED Contract for U.S. Navy Fleet

Feb. 18, 2020
The company will supply TLED lighting products and will start work in 2Q 2020

Energy Focus, Inc., which works with sustainable LED lighting technologies, recently announced that it has been awarded a contract valued at approximately $3.4 million to supply tubular LED (TLED) lighting products to the U.S. Navy by Defense Logistics Agency, a combat support agency in the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) with more than 26,000 civilian and military personnel throughout the world. The company expects to deliver on the contract beginning in 2Q 2020, with completion expected by year-end.

“This contract award reflects the U.S. Navy’s continuing commitment to TLEDs as the superior format for lighting retrofit applications and its confidence in Energy Focus to provide the most reliable and compelling TLED solutions,” said James Tu, chairman and CEO of Energy Focus.