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New Solar Development May Rival Rooftop Panels

April 27, 2020
Australian researchers are working on semi-transparent solar cells that may have a higher conversion efficiency than standard rooftop panels.

According to a recent report from New Atlas, a new development from Australian researchers suggests that semi-transparent solar cells produced by Monash University and CSIRO, led by members of ARC Centre of Excellence in Exciton Science, have potential to rival rooftop solar based on its conversion efficiency. 

"Rooftop solar has a conversion efficiency of between 15 and 20%," said Professor Jacek Jasieniak of Exciton Science and Monash University in the New Atlas article. "The semi-transparent cells have a conversion efficiency of 17%, while still transmitting more than 10% of the incoming light, so they are right in the zone. It’s long been a dream to have windows that generate electricity, and now that looks possible."

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