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Lighting Retrofit Brings Energy Savings to Horse Barn

July 20, 2020
Security and safety of the barn's horses, riders and care givers was the top priority while choosing the fixtures that best fit the customer's needs.

Pro Electric LLC had a customer who had just constructed a new horse barn and was looking to light it quickly, while also searching for a solution that would provide security and safety for its animals, riders and care givers. The barn was designed to be lit with 10 high-bay lights for maximum efficiency and efficacy. 

Pro Electric selected EiKO's 200W BAY-C high-bay fixture from Platt Electric Redmond, Redmond, OR, the manufacturer's distributor partner. The product is designed to deliver 30,000+ lm at 5,000K CCT, with a lifespan of 72,000 hr. The installation filled the horse barn space with light, eliminating shadows and blind spots, while allowing greater energy savings and reducing lifetime maintenance costs. 

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