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New York Governor Announces New Clean Energy Investments

Aug. 3, 2020
The investments will benefit more than 35,000 low-to-moderate income households across the state and result in cleaner and healthier indoor air and more affordable energy options.

New York State Gov. Andrew Cuomo recently announced an initiative between the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) and the state’s investor-owned utilities for a new framework to increase access to energy efficiency and clean energy solutions for low-to-moderate income households and affordable multifamily buildings.

The collaborative partnership and investments made as part of this initiative will result in cleaner and healthier indoor air and more affordable energy options for households, including more than 350,000 low-to-moderate income households throughout the state.

The framework, submitted to the New York State Department of Public Service, will more than double the number of low-to-moderate income (LMI) households and multifamily buildings receiving energy efficiency services such as insulation, air sealing, electric load reduction and HVAC improvements, annually and increase outreach, education and community-based support programs for energy efficiency improvements.

This latest announcement supports New York's nation-leading Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (CLCPA) and ensures that its goals are advanced in a just and equitable manner by providing access to clean energy solutions and improving energy affordability for LMI households and communities.

LMI households are disproportionately impacted by energy costs, with many experiencing an annual energy burden exceeding 20% of their household income. Dedicated resources and investments such as those announced today, coupled with the Public Service Commission's $250-million annual direct payment assistance program, are crucial in helping vulnerable New Yorkers control their energy costs and access the benefits of clean energy solutions.  

The statewide framework will invest nearly $1 billion through 2025 to advance energy efficiency in the LMI market segment, including:

  • Over $300 million to reduce energy burdens by increasing access to energy efficiency for LMI homeowners and renters;
  • More than $500 million to improve energy efficiency in affordable multifamily buildings;
  • $45 million for community-level engagement and capacity building with community-based organizations; and
  • $30 million for developing clean heating and cooling solutions for LMI homes and buildings through research and analysis of institutional barriers and funding of pilots and demonstrations.

Collectively, these investments aim to result in:

  • Improved energy efficiency for LMI residents and affordable multifamily buildings totaling over 400 GWh and 6,000 MMBtu annually;
  • Reduced energy bills for program participants, totaling over $40 million annually;
  • Improved health outcomes for New Yorkers resulting from improved indoor air quality; and
  • An increase in households receiving energy efficiency services from approximately 30,000 per year to over 70,000 per year.

To learn more about New York’s new investments for LMI households, read the original release

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