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SC Adopts Solar Industry Proposal to Study Electrical Market Reform

Oct. 5, 2020
The committee and advisory board include experts in solar, and SEIA hopes it will help create market conditions throughout SC that will promote competition and the use of low-cost solar power by South Carolinians.

On Sept. 29, South Carolina's Gov. McMaster signed into law H. 4940, the Solar Energy Industry Association's (SEIA) recommendation to create a committee that will study electrical market reform in the state. Parallel legislation has been proposed in North Carolina and is expected to be considered early next year. 

Sean Gallagher, VP of affairs, said in SEIA's press release:

“Yesterday Governor McMaster enacted legislation that creates the Electricity Market Reform Measures Study Committee, which will study a range of potential electricity market reforms and their respective benefits to ratepayers in the Carolinas. The committee will review measures to accelerate reductions in emissions associated with South Carolina’s electricity supply and may recommend further legislation that promotes the orderly development of electric market competition in the state.

“SEIA and a broad coalition of stakeholders advocated for the creation of this committee and a stakeholder advisory board, which will include our colleagues at the South Carolina Solar Business Alliance on behalf of the industry. We commend Senators Tom Davis and Wes Climer and the South Carolina legislature for their leadership and look forward to creating the market conditions needed to promote competition and empower South Carolinians to continue to choose low-cost solar power.”

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