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ACP Announces CLEANPOWER 2021 Panels

May 25, 2021
The 2021 CLEANPOWER Virtual Event takes place from June 7-10 and features four different panels covering trade laws, offshore wind, tax equity and transmission.

The American Clean Power Association (ACP) recently announced details for the 2021 CLEANPOWER Virtual Event panels on June 7-10. The panels include:

  • How Trade Laws are Impacting Clean Energy Deployment. While the future of clean energy remains bright, its strong momentum may be slowed by future headwinds that come from arcane areas of international trade, often referred by their shorthand references such as Section 201, Section 232, Section 301, Section 307 and AD/CVD. This session will provide an overview of the trade laws (and related investigations) that are most relevant to renewable energy deployment, how they are affecting companies in real time, and what companies should be on the lookout for in the future on the trade law front.
  • U.S. Offshore Wind Developer Interview Series. President Biden has ambitious plans to tackle climate change and rebuild the U.S. economy and is calling for offshore wind to play a key role in achieving Administration’s goals. With political winds shifting to propel offshore wind forward, work needs to be done by industry, states and the federal government to launch a successful industry that benefits communities from coast to coast. In these one-on-one interviews, hear directly from the offshore wind leaders at the forefront of building this new energy economy about the opportunities their projects will create, any issues facing their projects, some of the unique challenges they might face in their particular lease areas, emerging technology trends, opportunities to build a U.S. supply chain, investments in infrastructure to support U.S. projects, and much more.
  • Tax Equity Market. Experts in this session will examine the current state of tax equity and debt markets and the challenges that exist in financing a large volume of projects in the hopper. They will also discuss how a potential direct pay option could impact structuring of clean energy investments, especially tax equity.
  • A Transmission Renaissance in the West. Some have observed that in the West, we are better at transmission planning than actually building it. A good part of the western transmission grid was built in the 1970s and 1980s, and not with renewable energy considerations that are now at the heart of the clean-tech revolution in the region. However, that is rapidly changing, spurred by the passage of several clean energy laws and the retirement of older generation facilities. There is a need for over 90 GW of new wind and solar investments in the next decade. Utilities and transmission developers are responding with significant investments that will stake what’s planned to the construction of new transmission, including Utah-Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico-California and Nevada. This panel will discuss what’s changed and the continued importance of investing in new and upgraded transmission infrastructure to achieve significant consumer-savings, economic investment, and greenhouse gas reduction benefits.

For full details on the panels and expert panelists, read the original press release. Additional information can be found on the CLEANPOWER website. Registration is now open for the June virtual event and the CLEANPOWER Salt Lake City in-person event taking place Dec. 7-8.