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Two School Divisions in Virginia Plan to Add Solar

Oct. 21, 2021
Schools in Wise and Lee counties plan to install a total of 3.2 MW of solar power systems across nine campuses.

Secure Futures Solar recently signed an agreement with school divisions in Wise and Lee counties in southwest Virginia to install solar power systems on site at nine campuses across both counties. Both school divisions will receive solar power equipment at no upfront cost financed by power purchase agreements (PPAs). All solar projects will also include, at no additional cost, services to support workforce development and to add lessons on clean energy to classroom curricula. 

In Wise County, solar power systems will be installed at four elementary and middle school campuses under a 20-year PPA, which is expected to save the school division $7.5 million over the lifetime of the solar equipment by helping reduce power from the local electric utility. In Lee County, five elementary, middle and high schools will host solar power systems under a 25-year PPA, expected to save $4 million in avoided energy costs. Three campuses of Lee County Schools will also receive roof restoration services under the school division's solar power purchase agreement. 

Wise County represents the first "ambassador" project in a campaign known as Securing Solar for Southwest Virginia founded to install solar power, create well-paying clean energy jobs and establish a local solar power industry in the coalfield region of Southwest Virginia. The initiative, a partnership between Secure Futures and the Solar Workgroup of Southwest Virginia, has committed to install five solar ambassador projects over a two-year period with a total generating capacity of ten megawatts.

For more information on these PPAs and Secure Futures Solar's campaign, read the original release.  

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