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Samsung to Integrate Eaton Circuit Breakers Into SmartThings Energy Platform

Jan. 6, 2022
Eaton joins Samsung’s SmartThings Energy platform that's designed to enable smarter, more efficient home energy use.

Eaton has a new partnership with Samsung through that company’s SmartThings Energy platform aimed at helping homeowners become smarter energy consumers through their connected devices. Eaton will integrate its smart circuit breaker technology into the SmartThings ecosystem, enabling homeowners to use data from connected devices throughout the home to make better decisions about their energy use.

“A key strategic goal of our Home as a Grid approach to the energy transition is enabling a future where homes can be both users and producers of energy,” said Matt Alexander, vice president, Marketing, Commercial and Residential Distribution Solutions Division, Eaton, in the press release. “This begins with our smart circuit breaker technology, which helps homeowners better understand, manage and monitor their energy usage.”

As part of the collaboration, users of the Samsung SmartThings Energy platform can leverage Eaton smart circuit breakers to expand their ability to monitor and gain insights into energy use from connected technology beyond Samsung devices throughout their homes. Additionally, Samsung SmartThings users can enroll in utility demand response programs where available to allow for more effective and efficient control of energy loads to help reduce their overall reliance on grid power.

“We are excited about the role that Samsung SmartThings is playing in helping to define the path for consumers to take an active part in energy management and carbon reduction,” said Samantha Fein, Samsung’s VP of Business Development and Marketing, in the press release. “Through our strategic partnerships with leaders in the energy sector such as Eaton, we will continue to expand our platform to address both consumer and builder needs in critical areas like real-time energy monitoring and EV charging, to help drive the future of home energy management.”

Eaton’s smart circuit breakers are an element of its Home as a Grid approach to the energy transition, providing data and insights that allow users to better manage and monitor loads in the home. Through this approach, homes can more effectively integrate renewable sources like solar and energy storage to serve as distributed energy resources for the grid, aiding in grid stabilization and other utility initiatives.

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Other manufacturers now part of the Samsung SmartThings network include Lutron, Leviton, Signify (with its Philips Hue LEDs), Nest and Ring.

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