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The Tesla Model S, one of the company's current electric vehicles. Tesla CEO Elon Musk wants to use the gigafactory to bring electric vehicles to the masses, and reportedly plans to produce a car there that can run 200 miles on a single charge and will cost about $35,000.

And the Winner Is... Nevada for Tesla GigaFactory; 6,500 Jobs Expected

Sept. 4, 2014

Multiple media reports says Nevada will get Tesla's GigaFactory, one of the largest construction projects to  break ground in the past decade. A press conference announcing the decision will be held later today. Tesla is expected to hire up to 6,500 workers for the facility, which will produce batteries for electric vehicles. Lots of interesting insight into the project out on the Web. Here's a snippet from the AP report:

"To bring electric cars to the masses, Tesla Motors will use an expanse of desert where wild mustangs still roam for a factory that the company projects will crank out enough batteries to power 500,000 vehicles annually by decade's end."

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