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G-Biz E-Mail Newsletter to Become EV Infrastructure

June 20, 2023

This will be the last edition of the G-Biz email newsletter before it transitions to EV Infrastructure, which will track the development, design, installation and safe operation of electric vehicle supply equipment and systems. The first issue of EV Infrastructure will come out in July 2023 and be deployed by our partner brand Electrical Construction & Maintenance.

When Electrical Construction & Maintenance and Electrical Wholesaling launched G-Biz in 2008, our editorial mission was to provide an overview of emerging green technologies, including LED lighting, solar, wind and other renewables, and electric vehicles. As these markets have matured, we found more interest from readers and advertisers in specific segments of the green market. Not long after launching G-Biz, we sensed enough audience interest in LED lighting for a stand-alone email newsletter and launched Illumination Insider in 2013.

 The editors of EC&M and Electrical Wholesaling see increasing audience interest in the EV market, so we have decided to focus more of our editorial resources specifically on this market with EV Infrastructure. We believe EV Infrastructure, which will be published twice each month, will help you keep pace with the news and new product developments in this fast-changing EV market and are excited about the new business potential it offers the electrical market.

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