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Eaton Installing EV Infrastructure at Notre Dame

June 20, 2024

Eaton is helping the University of Notre Dame establish new electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure for use by its students, faculty, staff and maintenance fleet. The project will enable Notre Dame to meet growing demand for EV charging across its campus and accelerate progress toward its goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050.

"The university is pleased to be collaborating with Eaton in this emerging market as we work to continue to find ways to expand and diversify our microgrid here on campus," said Paul Kempf, assistant vice president for utilities and maintenance at Notre Dame, in the press release. "The university's relationship with Eaton has existed for over 30 years and has allowed our campus to benefit from a wide range of quality Eaton products, EV chargers and the associated software being just one example in a long line of successes."

Eaton is providing its Green Motion Building chargers to help Notre Dame provide safe and reliable EV charging at its campus utility and maintenance buildings, commuter and faculty parking lots, an administrative building, bookstore, and art museum. The charging stations can be monitored and optimized using Eaton’s Charging Network Manager software, which is included with the chargers. The software helps streamline installation and enables Notre Dame to remotely oversee its charging stations, manage access control and monetization, and reduce costs with load management from a single, intuitive dashboard.

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