Dr. Sai Shivareddy, the company’s founder and CEO with the Nyobolt EV prototype.

British Developer of EV Batteries Announces Dramatic Drop in Charging Times

July 1, 2024
Dr. Sai Shivareddy, founder and CEO of Nyobolt, says the company's fast-charging EV battery technology is capable of charging from a 10% state of charge to 80% in under five minutes.

Nyobolt, a British developer of EV batteries, says it’s ready to take its fast-charging EV battery technology from the lab and test track to low volume production. The company is using its Nyobolt EV prototype, a lightweight sports car weighing just 1,250kg (approximately 2,756 lbs), to promote its battery technology.  

While the main use of the Nyobolt EV is showcasing and testing the battery technology, the company has engineered it so that volume production – for road or track use – is possible. A company press release said Nyobolt’s battery assembly plans are more advanced and could be in production at low volume within a year, ramping to 1,000 packs in 2025. Nyobolt’s flexible manufacturing model enables volumes of up to two million cells per year. Nyobolt’s battery will also comply with the EU’s Battery Regulation requirements once in production.

Nyobolt’s technology builds on a decade of battery research led by University of Cambridge battery scientists Professor Clare Grey and Dr. Sai Shivareddy, the company’s founder and CEO, who had invented cutting-edge supercapacitors. Key to Nyobolt’s ability to offer ultra-fast charging without impacting battery life is its low impedance cells that generate less heat, making it easier to manage such high-power levels during charging. Its anode materials in lithium-ion battery cells allow for a faster transfer of electrons between the anode and cathode.

“Our extensive research here in the UK and United States has unlocked a novel battery technology that is ready and scalable right now,” Shivareddy said in the press release. “We are enabling the electrification of new products and services currently considered inviable or impossible. Creating real-world demonstrators, such as the Nyobolt EV, underlines both our readiness and commitment to making the industries see change is possible.”

The press release said Nyobolt is already in conversation with a further eight vehicle OEMs about adopting its technology. Alongside automotive applications, Nyobolt’s fast-charging technology is set to be deployed this year in robotics with other applications such as heavy-duty commercial vehicles seeking low downtime and high-productivity, also advancing.

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