Philips Lighting recalls a batch of Endura and Ambient LEDs

Aug. 21, 2013

Philips Lighting has recalled a batch of approximately 99,000 Endura and Ambient dimmable light bulbs because “a lead wire in the bulb’s housing can have an improper fitting, which can electrify the entire lamp and pose a shock hazard.”

According to the recall notice on the company’s website, “Philips has identified a shock hazard involving the power resistor lead wire. This potentially could lead to an improper fit of the lead wire in the lamp housing. In a small percentage of lamps the lead wire can come into physical contact with the lamp housing, which in turn can cause the housing to electrify.”

“This recall involves Endura 12W and Ambient 12.5W LED dimmable light bulbs. The bulbs are orange in color and have “MADE IN CHINA,” “Fabrique in Chine” followed by a slanted “S,” and the model number 9290001829 printed on the gray plastic band on the neck of the bulbs. The date codes, 2L for the Endura bulbs and 2K or 2L for the Ambient bulbs, are printed on the metal screw base.”

Check out the recall notice for more information on how to determine if your Philips Endura or Ambient LEDs are part of this batch.