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Edison Tower gets an LED retrofit

Jan. 20, 2014 report say the Thomas Edison Tower will be relit with LEDs.

According to a report posted on local news site, the Thomas Edison tower on Christie St. in Edison, N.J., just now emerging from a two-year renovation project, will be lit with solid-state lighting. 

"The 14-foot-tall glass replica light bulb on top of the 118-foot-tall tower will no longer burn with an array of incandescent bulbs, Edison's signature invention. The project calls for changing the lights to the new LED bulbs, a lighting-tech leap that came well after Edison's time," the story, written by Brian Amaral, says.

The story cites several people saying they believe Edison would approve of the change, given his enthusiasm for technological improvements generally, then goes on to relate the change to LEDs to the recent regulations mandating increases in lighting efficiency that are pushing conventional tungsten-incandescent lamps off store shelves. 

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