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GE Lighting to Be Sold

June 9, 2017
GE is putting its historic lighting business up for sale as Flannery succeeds Immelt at the helm

GE Lighting is up for sale, according to an article in Randy Reid’s Edison Report. His report, the first to come out in the lighting market, came out this morning and is based on an internal GE Lighting memo from GE Lighting CEO Bill Lacey.

That memo said in part, “Over the past year, we have made bold strategic changes aimed at strengthening and focusing our business. These actions position us well for continued growth and opportunity, no matter what our path, and today we start a potential new path.

“Today GE is formally beginning discussions with buyers around a proposed sale of our GE Lighting business. We are doing terrific things, leading the lighting industry and driving growth in the markets where we operate. We have an opportunity to accelerate this work as part of a potential new organization under new ownership where lighting is a priority and focus.” 

Click here for some analysis on the deal by David Gordon, president, Channel Marketing Group, in a post on

The Cleveland Plain Dealer also had an article on the potential sale.