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To go with its new name and expanded focus Rexel Energy Solutions launched a new website

Rexel Energy Solutions Offers New Utility Rebate Database and Enhanced Support for ESCOs

Oct. 25, 2017
The RES Utility rebate specialist team use a comprehensive online database to help ESCO partners discover utility rebate program information in target territories.

Rexel Energy Solutions (RES), Tauton, MA, continues to expand their capabilities around utility rebate support for its ESCO partners, supported by a team of rebate specialists and an online database tool.  The online database tool empowers ESCO customers to easily find utility rebate programs in any state, as well as instantly find what products qualify for rebates and at what levels.

"By leveraging up-to-date utility program data, this new online asset enables our ESCO partners to seamlessly navigate through an often times complex rebate requirement process, allowing for faster and more cost-effective lighting upgrades," said Christopher Monoson, General Manager at Rexel Energy Solutions, in a press release.

The database also assists RES partners in evaluating Utility program funding, goals, customer eligibility, program depth, locations, etc. to help them identify advantageous programs in new areas of the country.  It can also be utilized to identify opportunities to add new measures beyond their existing offering. The online database expands the ability to produce reports on rebate offerings for specific products and conduct searches on products and specific rebate programs.

In addition to the new online tool, Rexel Energy Solutions' team of utility rebate experts is always available to assist partners in identifying advantageous Utility programs and rebate-qualified products.  The team has the ability to produce custom reports on specific products or in specific territories for RES clients.   While the addition of the new online tool is a technological change, what hasn't changed is Rexel Energy Solutions' steadfast commitment to being at the forefront of providing energy efficient solutions and reliable service for utility programs, as it has for over 30 years.

RES customers can register for access to the online utility rebate database tool at  Their website also provides a variety of resources designed specifically for ESCOs, including a comprehensive product guide, and highlights their tailored solutions, including lighting design, product vetting, project specification and management, customized inventory and logistic solutions, and specialized solutions for Utility-driven programs.

Rexel Energy Solutions, a stand-alone business within Rexel USA, is a specialized national team of lighting and controls experts to support ESCOs across the country.  Since 1942, the Rexel Energy Solutions team, formerly Munro Distributing Company, Inc., has provided energy conservation solutions and support to contractors, ESCOs, and Utility partners nationwide.  With a team built to support Energy Efficiency Providers from specification and quotation through post-construction support, Rexel Energy Solutions is focused on improving their customer's cash flow and reducing their construction expense.

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