William R. Snodgrass Tennessee Tower, Nashville

Sylvania Lighting Services Books a Bundle of Projects in Tennessee

April 6, 2018
The company will install new energy-efficient lighting systems in eight government buildings throughout the state of Tennessee

Osram’s Sylvania Lighting Services, Wilmington, MA, announced a series of projects to install new energy-efficient lighting systems in eight government buildings throughout the state of Tennessee, including many of the state’s largest, most recognizable and most historic offices and agency sites. The state expects to save 60% to 80% on lighting energy consumption and lower overall electric bills in some of its individual buildings by up to 28%.

Osram says work has already begun on the William R. Snodgrass Tennessee Tower in Nashville and the company expects to be done in June, at which point people in the city will see the Travertine marble building’s portico lighted, rejoining the Nashville nighttime skyline for the first time in 30 years.

The Tennessee Tower is the largest publicly owned building in the state, with 30 floors and more than 2,100 occupants. The work there includes a new lighting control system, 10,200 new LED fixtures and 1,300 LED retrofits that will create a streamlined, modern look and will provide a work zone that can be adjusted for the current use of the space providing great flexibility for tenant modifications. The system will utilize daylight harvesting and occupancy sensors that will dim the lights as appropriate when natural light is available, and dim to 5% when the sensors detect that a room is unoccupied.

Several other sites in Tennessee have seen or will see major lighting work as part of the plan:

Tennessee Supreme Court in Nashville will get a LED lighting retrofit and wireless controls;

Tennessee National Guard’s Volunteer Training Site in Smyrna has been updated with solar parking canopies at three sites on the post;

The Major General Hugh B. Mott Tennessee National Guard Headquarters in Nashville, with upgraded and expanded office space for the Tennessee Army National Guard and the Tennessee Emergency Management Agency, has been updated with two variable speed drives to control water pumps;

National Guard Readiness Centers in Erwin, Jackson and Henderson, will all be retrofitted with new LED technology;

Tennessee Department of Correction/Turney Industrial Complex, a medium-security prison and rehabilitation facility in Only, will be updated with an LED lighting retrofit; and

The Tennessee Fire Services and Codes Enforcement Academy in Bell Buckle will see new LED fixtures and advanced lighting controls including power metering.