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LEDVANCE/Sylvania Alerts Distributors to Price Increase on Traditional Products

June 5, 2018
Customers will see an increase in the prices for LEDVANCE's traditional lighting products, according to Matt McCarron, the company’s VP of Trade Sales US & Canada.

With solid-state lighting (SSL) accounting for an ever-increasing share of its product mix, LEDVANCE, Wilmington, MA, announced a price increase for its traditional lighting products. In a letter sent out to its trade customers in the United States and Canada, Matt McCarron, the company’s VP of Trade Sales US & Canada said:

"We will be implementing a price increase of 6-8% on traditional products. Specific category pricing will vary. The timing of the increase will be communicated in the near future. Excluded from this price increase will be all SSL products, components and drivers.

“The advancement of SSL technology is having a dramatic effect on the lighting industry. The rapid expansion of SSL into all lighting products has shifted considerable volumes away from traditional lighting products. As a result of this shift, volumes of traditional lighting products have been reduced resulting in the loss of scale benefits and ultimately raising costs on traditional products.”