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RAB Announce 15% Price Increase Due to Tariff Concerns

May 14, 2019
Price increases sparked by the tariffs in the trade war with China have hit the lighting market.

RAB Lighting said in a letter to its distributor and agency partners that it would implement an average 15% price increase effective May 20. CEO Ross Barna said in the letter, “The U.S. Department of Commerce and the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) have implemented additional tariff increases on many goods including lighting fixtures, controls and lighting components.

“These increased tariffs were implemented by the USTR with unprecedented speed and impact the cost landscape for our products in ways we cannot completely absorb; therefore, we are announcing the following:

  • Orders entered for immediate shipment on or before May 20 will be invoiced at current prices. Quotations will be honored at the price as quoted, through the quotation expiration date.
  • New pricing will be available in spreadsheet form on or before May 16.  Pricing is also available to you on the distributor portal of or by contacting your local RAB representative.”

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