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AEON LED Sports Luminaires

July 9, 2019
Light Up Your World!
The New AEON Sports Luminaires are the most Efficient and Powerful Lighting option for Sports Lighting. The AEON Sports Luminaires are available in five different LED delivered Lumen Packages: 33,100lm, 44,100lm, 62,100lm, 73,500lm & 105,000lm. AEON delivers an Industry leading 140 Delivered Lumens per Watt! The AEON Luminaire has Multi-Voltage Options: 100-277VAC and 347-480VAC. With a CRI >85 it allows Colors how they were meant to be seen. Perfect for HD and 4K Broadcasting! AEON has a Patented Glare Free Illumination with a UGR <19 that provides No Uncomfortable Sensation or Visual Discomfort for the Players and Spectators. AEON is Neighborhood-Friendly with No Spillage or Sky Glow. Our proprietary Thermal Management Design with Passive Cooling Maximizes Heat Dissipation for a Longer Life of the Luminaire of over 100,000 hours.

Enhance your Luminaire for a Lifetime with Field Changeable Lenses, LED Modules and Drivers. Affordable Initial Costs, lower Life Cycle Costs and Lowest Total Cost of Ownership! AEON offers Worry-Free, Multi-Option Performance for Years into the Future. AEON Sports Luminaires are DLC Premium Listed allowing for Maximum Rebates & Incentives from Participating Utility Programs.

Control your Lights from anywhere with our HyLink Wireless Control System. HyLink is a Wireless Lighting Control Solution that enables Considerable Energy Savings and Lowers Operating Costs by automating, Customizing and Controlling the Behavior of the Lights. Limitless Flexibility and Customization can Control the Lights anywhere, from your Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone. Control One or Hundreds of Luminaires with our HyLink wireless system.

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