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Legrand Acquires Connectrac

Oct. 25, 2019
By adding Connectrac to its portfolio, Legrand hopes to reach additional market segments and expand in commercial interiors.

Legrand, North and Central America (LNCA), has acquired Connectrac, a manufacturer of flexible floor-based cable management solutions that bring power, data and communications to commercial interior  applications.
The company press release said LNCA focuses on power distribution and cable management, and that adding Connectrac to its portfolio gives the company the ability to reach additional market segments as well as a platform to expand their ecosystem in commercial interiors. One application mentioned in the press release is Connectrac’s selection of products for open office designs and flexible work areas.
This acquisition also supports Legrand’s on-going initiatives to build relationships with architects and designers, end users and furniture dealers for a range of commercial interiors applications. “Flexible access to power is more critical than ever before, given the high volume of mobile devices and the desire to connect from anywhere in the space — not just near the walls,” said John Selldorff, president and CEO of Legrand, North and Central America, in the press release.  “The acquisition of Connectrac allows us to bring together a unique set of solutions, designed to meet the needs of building owners and occupants at all stages of the building lifecycle.”
Founded in 2005 by architect Clint Strong and Desiree Edwards, Connectrac offers products with the flexibility to meet the demands for new technology connectivity while maintaining the aesthetic and structural integrity of the building.
Clint Strong said in the press release,  “Legrand’s organizational depth, global reach, and extensive product portfolio will provide us with the resources and tools to develop new product offerings and solutions that are more valuable to our customers and strengthen our position as a leader in the commercial interiors market.”
The acquisition is another example of Legrand’s aggressive acquisitions strategy. According to information  at, since 1954, Legrand acquired 170 companies in its core businesses, “in complementary segments and in the most promising technological areas.” It has made 64 acquisitions since 2004 that represent acquired sales of close to €2.7 billion (approximately $3 billion).
The brands Legrand acquired over the past 30 years include Kenall Lighting (2018); Electrorack (2011); Middle Atlantic (2011); PW Industries (2008); Cablofil (2006); On-Q Home (2005); Greyfox (2001); Wiremold (2000); Ortronics (1998); Watt Stopper (1996); Pass & Seymour, (1984); and certain assets of Slater Electric (1984).

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