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DLC Announces Delisting of SSL Products Non-Compliant with V5.0

March 2, 2021
Products that have not been updated to comply with newer SSL performance standards were removed from the DLC’s QPL on February 28.

Continuing a push to maximize the efficacy of commercial lighting while promoting advances in quality of light, the DesignLights Consortium recently issued a reminder that products that have not been updated to comply with newer solid-state lighting (SSL) performance standards were removed from the DLC’s Qualified Products List (QPL) on February 28.

The DLC previously postponed the original delisting date of December 31, 2020 (announced with the release of its V5.0 Solid-State Lighting Technical Requirements (V5.0) last February) in consideration of market disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. After the new delisting date of February 28, the DLC will allow products non-compliant with SSL V5.0 to remain searchable using the “Show De-Listed Products” filter on its SSL QPL search page.

“Based on lighting science and stakeholder input, the V5.0 Solid-State Lighting Technical Requirements – as well as V5.1, which takes full effect later in 2021– assign greater weight to aspects of commercial LED lighting that improve user satisfaction and comfort,” DLC Executive Director and CEO Christina Halfpenny said in the press release. “Through these new requirements, the DLC is driving solutions for people and the environment by optimizing the benefits of quality of light and controls while staying focused on energy efficiency.”

Version 5.0 of the SSL Technical Requirements increases the efficacy requirements for QPL-listed products consistent with the pace of technology, without compromising the quality of light. V5.0 includes new dimming requirements for all DLC Premium products– a change designed to increase energy savings by providing a gateway to controls utilization and improved user satisfaction.

The DLC adopted the V5.0 requirements amid recent technology advances and market shifts. As the LED market has matured over the past decade, a drive to reduce production costs in the face of mounting competition tended to sideline the importance of product quality aspects.

By requiring dimming capability for Premium Products on the DLC’s SSL QPL, V5.0 also points the LED market in a more controls-friendly direction. Since LEDs installed now may operate for a decade or more, strengthening controllability requirements (such as dimming and integral controls for daylight and occupancy) at the time of installation locks in potential energy and cost savings for years to come.

Full SSL Technical Requirements V5.0 (and V5.1) details are explained in a previously-recorded DLC webinar.