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Call for Submissions for 2021 IES Annual Conference

March 16, 2021
Submissions from illumination experts can include speaker presentations, technical papers and posters.

The Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) recently announced a call for submissions from illumination experts for its 2021 Annual Conference, which takes place August 5 through 7 at the Hilton New Orleans Riverside in New Orleans, LA. Below are the deadlines:

  • Deadline for speaker submissions: April 5
  • Deadline for technical papers: April 22
  • Deadline for posters: May 6

The IES Annual Conference offers subject-matter experts a platform to present their ideas, research and project experience to a premier community of lighting professionals. It brings together industry thought-leaders, provocateurs, authors, and other highly qualified professionals to share their unique perspectives and contributions in an ever-changing market. In addition to speaker presentations, the Conference program will consist of technical papers and posters on a wide range of lighting-related topics.

 Sessions can explore the role of light relative to application case studies, evidence-based design research, controls, humancentric design & wellness, art and communication, profitability and economic impact of technologies, and career topics around education planning and business building. 

Conference attendees include lighting specifiers, lighting manufacturers and representatives, architects, interior designers, educators, researchers and students.