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EFC Launches Industry Portal for GUV Devices

May 3, 2021
The new online portal is designed to promote advancement of safety in this market throughout Canada.

The Electro-Federation Canada (EFC), voice of advocacy and advancement of safety in Canada, recently announced the launch of an industry web portal to provide channel partners with timely resources and guidance on germicidal UV (GUV) devices. These device are a proven and effective means to prevent the spread of infectious bacteria and viruses. Health Canada is currently reviewing GUV devices for safe use in public and shared spaces. 

This initiative is designed to address the need for GUV devices to be registered by Health Canada before they can be sold in the Canadian market, since it is is vital for channel partners to be aware that only registered GUV products can be offered for sale, installation and use in the country. 

Several manufacturer members from EFC’s Lighting business section have partnered with EFC to develop a GUV Devices Industry Portal to provide guidance on:

  • Where to search for registered GUV devices, as they become approved by Health Canada.
  • How to submit a report to Health Canada if an unregistered GUV device is found in the Canadian market.
  • Frequently asked questions about product registration requirements and the safe use of GUV devices.

For more information about this program and details on GUV devices in the Canadian market, visit the EFC website.

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