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EiKO Promotes Schaeffer to Senior Director of Marketing and Training

June 21, 2023

EiKO (Olathe, KS): Lynnette Schaeffer was promoted to senior director of Marketing and Training and is now responsible for all aspects of marketing, training and education for distribution partners, customers, end users, agents and industry professionals in the Industrial and Commercial channel.

A 25-year-veteran of the lighting industry, Schaeffer started her career in lighting with Van Meter Industrial. After seven years learning the ins and outs of the distribution market, she joined Philips Lighting in 2005. At Philips, she held many key roles that allowed her to develop her knowledge of the lighting industry.

Schaeffer earned her MBA from the University of Iowa and is LC Certified and LED Certified. Over the last three years, she has become a leading lighting educator, hosting a number of in-person events at EiKO’s training Center (the iQ) in Olathe, KS, and traveling to local markets and industry events.  Her experience has given her the perspective required to understand product, industry, technology and sales cycles, and to adapt this understanding to others in the lighting industry.