FSG relights Lincoln Tunnel with 2,400 LED fixtures

April 14, 2014
Check out FSG Northeast's lighting retrofit of the Lincoln Tunnel.

In a recent post on FSG Northeast's LinkedIn page, Bernie Erickson, FSG's Northeast regional manager, discussed the company's recent lighting job in the Lincoln Tunnel and posted a video on how FSG installed approximately 2,400 new LEDs and custom fixtures on a tight schedule.

Says Bernie, "The project included many design challenges. In the first phase a few years back, we replaced 250W and 400W HPS cobra heads with new 100W and 200W Induction Cobra Heads on the "Helix" roadway on the N.J. side of the tunnel, and induction wall packs under the Helix.

"But the tunnel interior proved much more challenging. The existing light source was a 70W PAR38 HPS lamp in a custom fixture, recessed into the wall of the tunnel. The objective was to increase lamp life, save energy and meet the new IES roadway standards. The solution had to be suited for wet location, and it also had to distribute the light 180 degrees, floor to ceiling, as the existing PAR lamp did.

"We initially tested several induction retrofits that included a custom stainless steel door, in wattages ranging from 40-60 watts. While this solution gave us the 180-degree spread it did not provide the required light level AND an energy savings.

"We finally found a 45W screw in LED lamp with a special heat sync that provided both the spread and the light level and sealed in a watertight fashion into the existing door. With a 50,000-hour life and 50% energy savings the project moved forward."