12 Ways Biden's Infrastructure Plan Could Juice Up Electrical Sales

May 27, 2021
EW's editors make their picks for the elements of the plan that could generate the most electrical sales.

While it’s impossible to say what Democrats and Republicans may eventually agree on in terms of any infrastructure bill, many of the initial ideas in the Biden Administration’s proposal would increase demand for electrical construction materials. Electrical Wholesaling’s editors believe the following proposals could have the most impact on the electrical market:

  • $213 billion to build, preserve and retrofit more than 2 million homes and commercial buildings to address the affordable housing crisis
  • $174 billion in spending on a national electric vehicle charging network and rebates and incentives for EV manufacturing and vehicle purchase by consumers
  • $100 billion for high-speed internet access in underserved urban and rural areas
  • $100 billion to re-energize America’s power infrastructure
  • $100 billion to modernize schools and early learning centers
  • $80 billion proposed for freight rail and passenger trains would have an impact on the electrical market
  • Billions of dollars in additional spending on federal buildings and VA hospitals, airports and ports

Electrical Wholesaling magazine and Electrical Marketing newsletter will be covering the progress of the infrastructure negotiations over the next few months, and we will be kicking off that coverage with this article by Associate Editor Ellie Coggins that explores the impact of the proposal’s plan for federal spending on electric-vehicle charging equipment and financial incentives for the purchases of electric vehicles.

We will be reporting on the progress of the other proposals mentioned above in the coming months.