Electric Delivery Vehicles Getting Ready to Hit the Road

July 30, 2021
Ever think about buying an electric delivery van? You will soon have plenty of vehicles to choose from. Check them out them in this info gallery.

A swarm of electrically powered delivery vans will start hitting the market over the next few months, and they will provide electrical distributors with plenty of new and more energy-efficient options for their delivery fleets. The EV (electric vehicle) delivery vans Electrical Wholesaling’s editors researched can drive from 100 miles to 250 miles without a charge, depending on the size of their battery. This should be plenty of range for most distributors and will allow them to charge the vehicles at night with their own EV charging stations at their branch locations. With this sort of range, there's no need to worry about drivers spending time recharging their vans at public charging stations while out making deliveries.

This gallery offers some basic information and links to resources for more information about the EV delivery vehicles that seem like they will hit the market first. They are manufactured by well-known commercial vehicle manufacturers like Ford and Mercedes-Benz, as well as some companies you may not have heard about yet, like Rivian, Electric Last Mile Solutions (ELMS), Arrival, Workhorse and Canoo.

EW’s editors will also be pulling together information on the electric pickup trucks that will soon be available from Ford, GM, Rivian and other EV manufacturers. We haven’t found any electrically powered Class 4 box trucks and other delivery vehicles that will be on the market really soon, but when they are, we will cover them, too. 


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