Itek to Manufacture Solar Panels in Minnesota in 2015

Nov. 17, 2014

Itek Energy, Bellingham, Wash., will open a new plant in Minneapolis, Minn., next year to produce advanced photovoltaic panels for residential and commercial systems. The facility is pending final certification and will begin output in early 2015. The company produced 2.1MW of solar capacity in 2012, 4MW in 2013, and will produce 12.2MW by the end of this year. Production in 2015 is expected to double again, reaching 25MW to 35MW at the Bellingham, Wash., facility.

In a press release announcing the expansion, Kelly Samson, Itek Energy’s founding principle, said, “Our formula is pretty straightforward: the best solar technology, plus overwhelming consumer demand. We’ve enjoyed tremendous success manufacturing in Washington, and being able to expand operations to Minnesota leverages that success and serves the growing solar market nationwide.”

The in-state production will allow Minnesota consumers to access incentives that reward purchase of solar equipment manufactured in their own state. Similar incentives in Washington state have propelled strong consumer demand for solar and a growing solar manufacturing industry.