Sales of Tesla's Solar Roofs Slow to Materialize

Sept. 24, 2018
Elon Musk's purchase of Solar City was supposed to give the company a boost, but so far sales of Tesla Solar Roofs have been slow.

Elon Musk rolled out the Tesla Solar Roof with great fanfare in Oct. 2016, but two years after the launch apparently of the roofs have been installed. According to a report at www.cnbc.com, as of May only 12 of the roofs were connected to the grid, and all of them were in northern California. The report said that one homeowner who bought a Tesla roof paid about $100,000 for it.  Tri Huynh said in the cnbc.com report  that while he doesn’t expect the roof to ever pay off,  he is excited to be an early adopter and says the roof has helped him reduce his electrical bills from around $400-$450 to $40.

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