Acuity's submersible Winona LED fixtures illuminate 9/11 Memorial

Acuity Brands Inc. proudly announced that products from its Winona Lighting unit are part of the National September 11 Memorial at New York's Ground Zero. The Memorial was architecturally designed to feature twin reflecting pools marking the exact footprints of the fallen towers. The pools are illuminated by 1,500 feet of Winline 607 LED Submersible luminaires. Also, Winline 203W Surface Linear Wet luminaires provide illumination to the Names Parapet, a low wall projecting from the edge surrounding the pools where the names of the nearly 3,000 victims are memorialized.

In 2005, the design of this enormous illumination undertaking was awarded to the architectural lighting design firm of Fisher Marantz Stone in New York City. Paul Marantz, founder and design principal, imagined that LEDs would be an appropriate lighting solution, but in 2005 a LED linear submersible luminaire that could be placed beneath a 30-foot waterfall, offering low maintenance, proper heat dissipation, and high-quality light output was years away. As the project developed, Marantz and the Winona Lighting team began discussions on the characteristics required for such a demanding application. After several years of engineering and custom innovation efforts by Winona Lighting, the resulting solution was the Winline 607 LED Submersible light. As Memorial visitors approach the pools, the names of the victims glow through the bronze stencil cutouts in the surrounding parapet. The names are illuminated by 314 Winline 203W Surface Linear Wet LED luminaires in varying lengths, installed inside the bronze parapet. These fixtures have a very small profile and offer superior light output.

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