Atlanta airport installs 4,342 LED fixtures in parking garages

Funded by Atlanta's Green Loan Fund, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport officials decided to replace each of the 4,342 210W metal-halide fixtures with Cooper Lighting's 80W McGraw-Edison Valet LED fixtures in its north and south parking decks. This decision would not only lead to greater energy-efficiency, but also cost savings of almost half a million dollars each year. According to the City of Atlanta's Office of Sustainability, the Airport's financial and environmental partner, the carbon reduction associated with the project is equivalent to taking 500 cars off of the road.

“Replacing parking garage lighting with more energy-efficient options is one of the most practical upgrades a city can make to save energy, reduce costs and lower CO2 emissions,” said Mark Eubanks, president, Cooper Lighting. “This project has been a great opportunity to showcase how Cooper's innovative LED products can increase overall efficiencies and performance to provide a safe and well-lit environment while helping Atlanta save almost $500,000 each year in energy costs.”

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