Eoff Electric’s Energy Savings

Eoff Electric Supply, a subsidiary of Sonepar USA, won the "Outstanding Contributions Award" from The Energy Trust of Oregon. The annual award is presented to an electrical distributor that contributes the industry's greatest overall amount to energy savings. This is the third year in a row that Eoff Electric Supply has brought home the top honor.

Gil Amestoy, energy management specialist for Eoff Electric, headed up several projects aimed at cutting energy costs throughout various industries. He has achieved significant energy savings in a number of warehouse facilities, manufacturing facilities and office spaces. Recently, Amestoy removed all 400W and 1,000W metal-halide lamps from a manufacturing facility, replacing them with a 4-lamp and 6-lamp T5/HO system. The project saved $80,000 in yearly cost savings for the facility.

"Commitment and hard work have been instrumental in executing these strategic energy-saving projects, which have accumulated a total savings of over 7,000,000 KWH in the last three years," said Mike Lindner, the company's director of industrial automation and energy management.

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