GE Rolling Out LED Line

GE Lighting expects its full line of GE Energy Smart LED replacement bulbs to be shipping within the next 16 months. The 13W GE Energy Smart LED, a dimmable 60W incandescent replacement bulb will start appearing on store shelves this November. GE's dimmable 75W and 100W replacement LED bulbs — likely 18W and 27W products, respectively — are expected to appear in the U.S. market in late 2012. All of the bulbs will deliver light for more than 20 years, based on three hours of use per day. “We've taken exhaustive steps in engineering, designing and testing to create LED products that outperform our own high standards. said Steve Briggs, vice president of marketing and product management, GE Lighting Solutions, LLC. “It's our mission to serve as a trusted resource for anyone transitioning to LEDs.”

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