IKEA is Going Really Green

Walking through the clean, minimalist layout of one of the 280 mega-stores in 26 countries run by giant furniture retailer IKEA, you can almost smell the pine forests of the company's native Sweden. IKEA is building on this green aura with a commitment to its Goes Global initiative, which includes investments in wind farms and plans to install solar panels on the roofs of all of its stores in the United Kingdom. IKEA recently purchased a 12.3MW wind farm in Scotland that increases its stable of wind turbines to 67. The company is also installing approximately 39,000 solar panels at its UK stores. Said Steve Howard, the IKEA Group's chief sustainability officer, “We believe our wind farm and solar panel initiatives mark a major milestone in our ambition to source 100 percent renewable energy. We aim for all IKEA UK buildings to be fitted with solar panels in the long-term. As well as reducing our impact on the environment, these initiatives come with a strong financial incentive as consuming less energy means we spend less money, which helps us lower the prices on our products.”

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