Lutron Introduces Lighting Energy Audit Program

Lutron Services Co., Coopersburg, Pa., the services arm of lighting control manufacturer Lutron Electronics Co., has a new Lighting Energy Audit program designed to help facility managers and building owners reduce lighting-associated costs, implement creative energy-saving strategies and enhance their reputations as leaders in environmentally responsible initiatives.

As commercial buildings across the U.S. continue to age, facility management teams are increasingly being faced with issues ranging from inefficient light sources to outdated control strategies. The growing focus on sustainability has prompted many of these teams to re-examine their lighting systems when looking for new ways to save energy while lowering operating and maintenance costs.

“A 2008 Department of Energy study indicated that lighting uses 38 percent of the electricity in commercial buildings,” said Glen Kruse, director of Lutron Commercial Solutions and Services, “Wasted energy means wasted money. Although replacing older fixtures and lamps is often a ‘quick fix,' the Lutron Lighting Energy Audit seeks to go beyond the light sources by providing a complete analysis of lighting control strategies currently in use, opportunities for improvement and recommendations for cost-effective solutions. Facility owners should consider a lighting energy audit — even if they don't currently have a lighting control system.”

An audit includes an onsite visit and facility evaluation, interviews with facility stakeholders to understand how the building is used and a complete performance analysis to determine the most appropriate solutions. Suggestions may range from installing wireless occupancy sensors to reprogramming existing lighting control systems or updating time-clock schedules. The final result is a customized solution for each facility.

In many cases, the most comprehensive approach is to replace an outdated lighting control system. If a facility owner decides to pursue this option, Lutron Services Company can provide complete project management services including budget estimates, project timelines that will not interrupt the facility's daily operations and a variety of light control solutions that will ensure savings well into the future.

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