MaxLite Relights Phoenix School with New LED Lighting System

MaxLite recently engineered a major lighting retrofit for St. John Bosco Catholic School in Phoenix. Along with The Pat Hintze, assistant director for construction for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Phoenix and its 92 parishes, 23 missions and 35 schools, and Bill Mager, parent volunteer and chair of St. John Bosco's Facilities Committee, the company led the design and installation team that replaced over 300 T8 tri-tube fluorescent lighting fixtures with 224 LED Flat Panels throughout the campus. Among those LED luminaires, 27 were 2'×2' Edge Lit LED Flat Panels that include emergency battery backup to ensure safety in the event of power interruptions, and the remainder were 2'×4' Edge Lit LED Flat Panel fixtures. The LED Flat Panels are designed with a shallow respective 1.6-inch and 1.8-inch depth for easy installation within a tight environment, and used to optimize the ambient lighting in the school's classrooms and multi-purpose room.

In a press release on the installation, Major said, “Our campus is 10-years-old and we wanted to install the best and most efficient lighting available. The LED Flat Panels are great and deliver really nice, bright clean light; a very white light, which is not yellow like the T8 fluorescents. The teachers are thrilled with the improved lighting, and with the new ability to dim fixtures to better use our smart boards and other learning aids.”

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