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Philips partners with design expert

Next time you're surfing the Internet, check out the "Ruggiero Ideas". site at Philips Lighting Co., Somerset, N.J., has a 1999 partnership with home design and improvement guru Joe Ruggiero, and will be featured on his Web site. Ruggiero's credits include editor-in-chief of Home Magazine, chief design consultant on PBS's "This Old House" series and design consultant for ABC-TV's "Good Morning America." He also has a weekly series, "Home Across America," on HGTV (Home and Garden Television).

Philips Lighting will be featured in the Product Information, Home Lighting and What's New sections of Ruggiero's Web site. In addition to the Web site partnership, Ruggiero will serve as Philips' 1999 consumer spokesperson and will appear at Philips Lighting's booth during the 1999 International Hardware show in Chicago.

"With the growing interest in home renovation and design, we recognize the need for educating consumers about proper lighting and are pleased to partner with such a well-respected design expert as Joe Ruggiero," said Jim Gonedes, Philips Lighting's vice president of strategic marketing. "Joe's visibility and experience create a wonderful opportunity for Philips to familiarize consumers with our star products and how they can be applied effectively within the home."

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