PV-Powered Windows?

New Energy Technologies, Inc. Columbia, Md., announced that it's working with the National Energy Research Laboratory (NREL), Golden, Colo., to develop its SolarWindow technology. A company press release said New Energy Technologies and NREL have successfully collected and transported electricity using a virtually invisible conductive wiring system developed for SolarWindow. The ability to transport electricity on glass windows while remaining see-through is especially important to the eventual deployment of an aesthetically pleasing commercial product.

Currently under ongoing development, the conductive system's ultra-fine grid-like pattern is deposited on to SolarWindow and is rendered virtually invisible when viewing objects through New Energy's electricity-generating glass. Researchers anticipate that a fully functional system could help transport the electricity generated on glass surfaces, improving power, efficiency, and overall performance of the company's SolarWindow. This announcement follows last month's news that the company and NREL successfully fabricated a large-area organic photovoltaic (OPV) module.

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