Schneider Electric to Develop Parking Lot EV Charging Systems with Parkeon

Schneider Electric, Paris, announced an agreement with parking-management system provider Parkeon to develop an electric vehicle charging system that integrates energy management and pay-by-space technology. This agreement will allow the partners to create a commercial and technical offer for electric vehicle pilot programs and related charging infrastructure in Europe and North America, starting in this year.

Combining parking management and charging for electric vehicles is a natural fit. The companies' solutions will be aimed initially at on-street and off-street parking and other similar applications. Schneider Electric will contribute its expertise in energy management and Parkeon, its skills as a leader in urban mobility, transit, parking and payment solutions, the companies said in a Schneider release.

“Through this partnership, Schneider Electric reaffirms its ambition to offer simple, efficient and accessible charging solutions for future electric vehicle users,” said Frédéric Abbal, president of Schneider Electric France. “This collaboration between Schneider Electric and Parkeon, both major players of their sectors, is the best way to rapidly develop the electrical vehicle market.”

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