Schneider Electric Offers Contractors Green Certification

Schneider Electric, Palatine, Ill., announced the launch of a new training and certification program for contractors. The EcoXpert Training and Certification Program is designed to build a nationwide network of certified contractors to provide residential and commercial markets with reputable, high-quality installation and implementation of energy efficiency, EV and renewable energy solutions.

The program supports Schneider Electric's commitment to providing contractors with the tools and expertise needed to meet the growing demand for energy efficiency within facilities, as well as the growing requirement to integrate renewable sources into the power supply of multiple market segments. Additionally, this new program supplies both commercial and residential markets with reputable installers and contractors to ensure the most optimized and comprehensive intelligent energy solutions.

The EcoXpert Program is comprised of seven certifications under the certification paths of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. The certifications allow contractors to diversify their businesses with new applications and increase revenue. The EcoXpert Program helps contractors to advise, sell and install a broad range of pre-engineered energy solutions across commercial, industrial and high-end residential applications.

“The federal government has set numerous goals and initiatives to encourage new clean energy standards. This, combined with public opinion, will drastically change the way we create, use and consume energy,” said Allen Breeze, senior vice president, Power Business, Schneider Electric. “As such, Schneider Electric is expanding both its knowledge base and offering to accommodate the enormous need for energy management across both the supply and demand sides of the power market. Our EcoXpert program is helping to meet the human talent side of this equation by equipping contractors with the competency, skill sets and solutions they need to take advantage of this market opportunity.”

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